Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Greetings to all fellow doggies and human beings!!!

I'm finally back to update cause mummy's computer has been giving her lots of problems and hence the late update..

How was your chinese new year?? Wells, mummy has many of her friends over and I get to greet everyone in my new new year clothing...

Precious me has been very happy during this chinese new year as well because mummy, grandma and grandpa gave me a red packet each as well!!! And there's real human money inside!! But, mummy says this goes to my savings.. Ah wells, its ok.. As long as she buys more treats and goodies for me to eat...

** Precious me in my chinese new year clothing, greeting all of you a happy CNY **

Wells, I guess after the chinese new year, its back to the dull and boring life.. Opps, mummy is staring at me when i say this sentence... Alright, at least I'm still a happy doggy which everyone in the family loves me..

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Clean Bill Of Health

Greetings to all fellow doggies and human beings... Forgive me for not updating till now cause mummy has been lazy... But I'm here to update again!!!

Yesterday mummy brought precious me to see the vet for a health check-up and do blood test for my organs.. And I happily spent a few hundred off by having my health check up.. (mummy: yah yah, than your red packet money will have less)

And the vet says precious me is very very healthy!! All the results came back in the normal range.. Even my heartworm blood test is pawfectly fine!!! Whoo hoo.. woof woof...

Than today mummy went out with grandma and came home with many bags of things for precious me... Cause mummy is starting on my healthy home cooked food menu.. And she insists that I must remain healthy even after a few years time... So let the pictures do the talking..

** A mini rice cooker just to cook things for me **

** Flax seed oil supplement for precious me **

** Yummy yummy treats for me to munch **

** And shoes to wear for chinese new year visiting.. **

** By eating healthy, we start with multi grain rice **

** Followed by healthy tofu **

Isnt mummy sweet and always thinking for me?? I feel like a king now.. I have all the attention from the humans... So I will try my best to enjoy the healthy meal mummy is going to cook for me.. And I'll be a happy & healthy dog...

has your mummies and daddies done shopping for you?? I hope so, cause mummy has certainly done alot of things for me to prepare for chinese new year... Woof woof....



Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Grooming Day

Greetings to all fellow doggies and human beings, Here I am again with my updated post for today..

Wells, Mummy decided that I should go for a full grooming today as my fur is long and messy and I needs some proper cleaning up... So she called up the groomer and send precious me for the grooming as mummy thinks I should be groomed from chinese new year...

So here I am posing for the photos of after my grooming session...

** Dont I look handsome, Cute and White?? **

** What?? I'm still posing for the photos mummy **

** Wells, Mummy insists I sit down properly and take a photo instead **

All I know is mummy, grandma and grandpa has been calling me a handsome boy when I'm back home from the grooming.. Alrights, I shall be a good boy and go for my grooming always since they love me more when I'm groomed... Huggs and kisses to everyone...


Sunday, January 13, 2008

2008 Is Here!!!!

Greetings to all fellow doggies and human beings... After so long of not blogging, I'm not used to typing now.. So I guess I have to pester mummy more often to let me come and blog more often...

Ah wells, 2008 Is finally here!!! My new year wish is to hope mummy will bring me out more often, have more nice foodies and treats, and more play toys... Whoo Hoo.... I guess that's all my friends will wish for... (Mummy: I dont want to have a too lazy dog... )

I remembered in my last post, I said I'll get mummy to take a photo of precious me with my christmas suit.. And tata, here's me in my christmas suit...

** Looking my best to strike a handsome pose **

And mummy came home today with bags of items.. Almost all the items are for herself.. But just when I lost hope, mummy came to me and tell me that she have brought a chinese new year clothing for precious me!!! Another clothing to wear.. mummy says she'll make me wear that on chinese new year..
So by than, I shall pester mummy to take photos of precious me in my chinese new year suit.. I hope I have some nice goodies to eat that day!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas To All !!!!

Greetings all doggies and human beings... I'm finally home yesterday to my own house with mummy and grandpa and grandma... I miss home and I sleep like a pig when I reached home...


Mummy says she will buy christmas presents and give me a nice christmas meal a few days later.. Alright, I shall wait and see...

Mummy says she will help me upload the photos of me wearing a christmas suit later on... So I shall update the photos later on in my next post....

Wish all doggies have a enjoyable christmas and received many presents!!!!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm feeling so so so sad.. :(

Hello all dearest doggies and human beings.. I'm here once again... just that I'm not very happy because mummy, grandma and grandpa is leaving tomorrow night to go overseas and left precious me in singapore with someone else... :(

** Mummy, can you please bring me along too?? **
** Please Please, bring me along too **

well, I guess I'm going to be a very sad doggie for that 4-5days when they're all not around... But mummy promised me to bring me to have a christmas meal when they're back.. So that should make me feel a lil better....

I'm going to be such a sad dog tomorrow night... Aww... :(


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Back in action again!!!!

Hello all dearest doggies and human beings.. I'm very much sorry that precious me didnt update my "dead" blog for more than a month!!! Gosh, how can mummy ever forget that precious me has a blog that needs to be update!!!!! (mummy: okok, I'm very sorry... forgive me)

I shall be forgiving and forgive my dearest mummy... But very soon I'm going to be angry with her again cause she and grandpa and grandma are leaving for a short holiday very soon next week.. leaving poor me in singapore with a home boarder.... Hmph... I'm going to miss them lots and pass that 4 days sadly without them...

I haven been to walks for very long already... because mummy says the weather is very bad everyday and dont wanna me to step step step on those muddy and rainy patches... So she's making poor me stay at home everyday except to let me roam outside the house door corridoor sometimes in the daytime...

Anyways, I've been tagged by Sweety & Yang Yang for the first time.. And so I'm supposed to do these following things now...

1)List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself

2)Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them)

3)Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

8 Facts about Me!

Number 1: I'm the first small breed dog in the family.. Before me were local breeds which is big - sized which mummy fostered and kept before..
Number 2: I make loud noises when i'm deeply asleep...
Number 3: I simply love the belly-rubbing sessions.. it feels so comforable and nice...
Number 4: I humps when I see new friends and new human beings.. I'm too happy i guess...
Number 5: I haven had a chance to go swimming yet...
Number 6: I hate to eat tibits and snacks which are very hard to bite or chew..
Number 7: I always get tricked by mummy when she plays games with me.. hmph...
Number 8: I hate brushing my teeth

above are 8 random facts about precious me...

The 8 friends I'm going to tag is: powder-puff, rainy, scrappy, pebbles, sundae, birdy, cotton & lastly Ebi...

I just realised how little friends i have... :(